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Mammillaria bertholdii f. cristata

The Mammillaria bertholdii is a small species of cactus that was discovered in Oaxaca (Mexico) by Andreas Berthold in 2013 and described in 2014 by Thomas Linzen.

When I saw for the first time the image of a Mammillaria bertholdii, I found it fascinating that both its appearance and its habit of growth were so similar to those shown by the Ariocarpus kotschoubeyanus. It is one of the cases in which the evolutionary convergence between both species is more than evident.

With a tuberculated and flattened body, it produces a large napiform root that supplies the plant in times of drought. Its flowers stand out for their intense pink color, size and beauty, just like the other Mammillaria of the Longiflorae group. And its fruits are cryptocarpic, that is, they develop inside the body of the plant.

Since its discovery, we have not heard of the existence of crested plants. So, most likely, CACTUSLOFT has one of the few specimens that currently exist of Mammillaria bertholdii f. cristata in his collection. A precious and valuable treasure that we have the pleasure of showing you.


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